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*10 years of experience*

Piano lessons in West Los Angeles

Welcome to piano lessons in Westside Los Angeles where students of all ages learn to play piano by being immersed in playing music. No drills, no scales, Simply Music Method students learn to play good sounding contemporary, classical, blues and gospel from their very first lessons.


Simply Music focuses on the sheer pleasure of playing. The 'hands-on' approach and immediate results, actively dispel the notion that learning to play means enduring years of lessons, boring practice sessions and relentless hours of drills. Traditional methods insist that beginners learn to read music as the means of learning to play.

This removes the natural connection between student and instrument and commonly, it removes the fun, too.


Andrea Smokvina has been teaching piano Simply Music Method to kids and adults for 10 years.


Proud member of the ILead home schooling program 
Watch my former student Anne Heche demonstrate Simply Music Method - watch from 4:33

"Andrea is a wonderful piano teacher. My son started learning from her at age 10, and thanks to the method Andrea teaches - called Simply Music - he was playing songs immediately. Now, 2 years later, he plays accompaniment, understands chord framing, has practice in sight reading, and has a repertoire of more than 30 songs. In my youth, I dreaded scales and lessons and so much talking - I just wanted to play music! And with Andrea and her method, my son's deep understanding of all these comes from just that - playing actual songs from day one. 

I've seen Andrea teach group lessons as well as one-on-one, and in each case she tailors her teaching to the child involved. Kindness, firmness, flexibility,... Andrea has a great balance of all of these, and is always supportive and thoughtful. Most importantly, my son has FUN and is ready for more. 

Highest recommendation!"


- Robb L. 


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