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        Private Lesson

               30 min  I  50.00 E

         4 Private lessons

               E 200.00   

One on one lessons for children and adults. Parent is required to be present at the lesson. Payments are made in cycles of 4 lessons. In case that the student can not attend the lesson, there is no charge.


          Group Lesson

           40 min   I   20.00 E


          4 Group lessons 

              E 80.00

A group of 2-3 students. Parent is required to be present at the lessons. In case that only one student attends the lesson, all students are charged. 

The initial payment is due on the first lesson. All following payments are due on the last lesson of the cycle of 4. 


Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo ID- Andrea Smokvina @ Andrea-Smokvina, Keks




Students receive aprox 38 lessons per school year.

First and last month’s enrollment fees are due by the first lesson (for new students only or former students who are re-enrolling).

Tuition is due on the last lesson of each month and is the only way to secure your space for the following month.

When two family members (living in the same home) are enrolled at the same time, one of them will receive a discounted monthly rate.

Any payment not received by the last day of the month will attract a late fee. Payment received more than two weeks after the due date will result in the forfeit of your lessons.

Any check returned for insufficient funds will incur an additional fee.


Materials are to be purchased by the student-


Cash or check;
Online Bill Pay
Venmo ID - Andrea- Smokvina@ Andrea Smokvina


Students are responsible for regular attendance. Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time. A parent is required to attend their child(ren)’s lesson(s).


Absences are not credited, refunded or “made-up” free of charge.

In case of absence, the student is required to call another student in the class to get weekly assignments in order to keep up with their class.

Studio Piano Play graciously requests to be informed of any absences at least 24 hours prior to an expected absence.

SPP may be open for lessons during some national, bank and school holidays, you will be notified if SPP will be closed on any other dates.


If your teacher is unable to teach due to illness, you will be given an alternate day/time to make up the missed lesson or will be offered a credit toward the following month’s tuition.


SPP requires a written thirty-day notice prior to your final lesson or extended absence (four or more consecutive weeks).

A deposit covering the month of re-enrollment is due by the last lesson prior to a leave of absence (this includes summer absences). If the studio cannot place you upon your return, your deposit will be refunded. You may be placed on a waiting list or referred to another studio.


The ongoing flexibility of the learning environment will be affected by various factors. The configuration and size and therefore the duration of the lesson may change periodically.

1 student:  30 min; 2 students: 40 min; 3 students: 45 min

If circumstances ever leave you as the sole student due to scheduling or other variables, the options in adjustment of fees & lesson structure will be discussed with you at that time (and, if necessary, you will be asked to sign new policies that reflect that change).

Studio Policies
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