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About        Andrea

Andrea Smokvina, Certified Simply Music Teacher 

Andrea started ballet classes and performing in the theater at the age of 6. She began studying piano at the age of 7. By the time she was 14, she was playing keyboard and singing in an all-girl band. Her decades of experience as a pianist, dancer, vocalist and performing artist have consolidated her belief that music is the natural expression of our emotions, and that we are here in life to express ourselves in this manner.


Andrea was attracted to Simply Music because it resonated with her own thoughts about music. She saw that Simply Music was designed in recognition of our inherent musicality, our need to express ourselves and PLAY piano through direct contact with the instrument. 


Andrea brings her love of people, love of music and love of teaching to the fore as a Simply Music educator.




Passionate About Inspiring Others


To learn music, it is advisable to start with an instrument that has all sounds assigned. That way,  hearing is being trained versus expected. The objective is to learn building blocks of music, instead of focusing on how to create a sound. 


Starting on piano facilitates transition to other instruments. After a student has learned music on piano, it becomes easier to take on other instruments, like violin for example, where the primary objective is to learn how to create a sound.



Piano is a self standing instrument in a sense that it plays bass, harmony and melody. It is a rhytmical and melodical instrument and pianists can accompany themselves and others while singing. Piano plays chords and single notes. The range of piano is 7 octaves, covering both bass and treble keys,  therefore enabling a student to read in all registers. 


  - Andrea


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